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A Breezeless Flow In The Afterglow

You and me together we could go that extra mile

26 October 1986
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My name is Amanda. I am an Education major at Valencia Community College. Nothing exciting really happens in my life. I'm actually pretty boring probably. I love my boyfriend Kurt and we just had a little baby named Zachery. I love school and learning new things. I also like technology and music. I'm hyper-organized when it comes to blogging so I have several journals for several purposes.

Other journal:
gracious_days <-Main Journal
amandaopp86 <-Collection of Myspace/Facebook blogs.
simply_white_10 <-Wedding Diary
stay_my_gold <-Private/Friends Only Diary
windy_melody <-Music Rotation
the_flower_duet <-My Photos of Nature

And my community:
love_shine_mp3 <- Mp3 Rotation Community

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You Will Be an Unconventional Bride!

You're probably the type of girl who never considered getting married - until you met *him*

You're not a big fan of white dresses, church weddings, or cheesy DJ's

That's okay - you'll do it your way... whether that means a Vegas wedding or guys as bridesmen

While you may not toss the bouquet (or have anyone to toss it to), it will still be the most romantic day of your life!