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Wedding Diary

I made a journal (mainly for me) as a keepsake of me planning our engagement, wedding, etc etc. It’s my plans, thoughts, ideas, yadda yadda yadda. Probably things that will bore the heck out of everyone (except maybe the gazillions of my friends getting married). So, like I said it’s mainly for my own sentimental when I’m like 60 to look back on.


Conservative or Liberal?

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Zully asked me and so I thought the information might come in handy for other people who use Playlist. com (almost everybody). I noticed most of my friends don’t have skins (background images) on their playlists, either because they don’t want one or because they don’t know how.

So for the latter here is how:

-Get the link to the desired image (by right-cliking and choosing properties then copy and paste the "http://" address given)
-Go to Playlist. com
-Click "post my playlist" at the top of the page
-Click ’Get code for Myspace’ link
-Click the desired playlist you want to post
-Then, it’ll give you options such as ’Custom Skin?’
-Click Yes.

-Then put in the link to your image by copy and pasting
-and Voila!

Friend Categories!!

Yay, so cool. Myspace now has friend categories. It reminds me of the Facebook application ’My Circles’ or ’Friend Circles’ whatever it’s called. Except on Facebook you can choose to message all the friends in one circle and you get a wall in your circle to comment and such...but still Myspace is advancing. I’ve been wanting a way to organize my friends so that I can easily find people. Even once they made it able to search through your friends list to find friends based on First letter of display name and even name it was still hard since people feel the need to make their display name not their actual name...and sign up for Myspace under fictitious names??

Anyhow, the new categories are cool! Check them out and see which I put you under!! This is an organized persons dream! All my friends are in a category unless I forgot to put someone in one...which is a possibility because it doesnt’ tell you which of your friends are missing out of categories like Facebook does. Oh well, maybe they’ll add that feature later!


I’m so sick of WebCT trying to tell me that I already have a session running. Au contraire WebCT, I have not done homework all day!! How, the first time I login ALL DAY(!!!) all day do I "already have a session running". Pathetic. Now, I’m resorting to trying it on Internet Explorer. Barf. I hate Internet Explorer. So...slow...so...slow. I thought Firefox was the preferred browser of WebCT. What the heck.

*tries Internet Explorer*

Yeah...Internet Explorer is barely even loading. What a bunch of crap. Now, they’ve talked me into upgrading to a new version.


We’ll see how this goes. All I want to do is my American History 1877-Present Quiz. No, I can’t shorten it to just plain ol’ "history" because I’ve had three "history" classes this semester. Two of them being American.


AmandaCaldwell86 (1:34:53 PM): You know what I hate I can never find the mood I want to be on Myspace
RageAndLove51 (1:35:13 PM): like on status updates? or blogs?
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:35:41 PM): Both
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:35:46 PM): mostly Status updates
RageAndLove51 (1:36:12 PM): true. i agree. theyre all so basic.
RageAndLove51 (1:36:16 PM): but the unbasic ones are stupid.
RageAndLove51 (1:36:21 PM): like "alien."
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:36:24 PM): I know and then theres really dumb ones
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:36:29 PM): EXACTLY
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:36:41 PM): I was gonna use the example of "pirate"
RageAndLove51 (1:36:48 PM): omgggggggggggg
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:36:49 PM): how do you feel pirate?
RageAndLove51 (1:36:50 PM): i knowww.
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:36:55 PM): That's not even proper English
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:37:31 PM): And then isn't there a ninja one? I'm offended by how stupid that is.
RageAndLove51 (1:39:21 PM): Yeah there is a ninja one.
RageAndLove51 (1:39:25 PM): stupidstupidstupid

The Battle of Narcoossee

Another conversation. This is actually later in the "Frenchlish" conversation, hence the Frenchlish reference towards the bottom. I can't remember how to spell Narcoossee, but I'm sure people who live in Narcoossee don't know either. Whoa, that was totally inappropriate.

P.S. This whole conversation resulted from talking about Jim Van Fleet (The Fox 35 weatherman) and his popularity in Kissimmee.

 (1:00:58 PM):
Did you know there was a battle of narcossee?
RageAndLove51 (1:01:09 PM): ummm. no.
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:01:32 PM): There was, I think during the Civil War and their gonna do a reenactment.
RageAndLove51 (1:01:38 PM): oh wow.
RageAndLove51 (1:01:40 PM): sweet.
RageAndLove51 (1:01:42 PM): are you going>/
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:01:52 PM): Better buy you're tickets early before they sell out
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:02:13 PM): Foo, Just bc I want to TEACH history doesn't mean I want to RELIVE history.
RageAndLove51 (1:02:25 PM): LMAO!!!!!
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:02:25 PM): Reading about it is enough. Homie don't play that..
RageAndLove51 (1:02:31 PM): hahahhahahahahahahahhaa
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:02:53 PM): Thats too good hahaha
RageAndLove51 (1:03:00 PM): that was hilarious.
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:10 PM): Did you really think i was GOING? Geez. Do I come off as that DULL gosh
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:13 PM): LMAO
RageAndLove51 (1:03:30 PM): LOL!!!! you like history!!!!!
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:38 PM): OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:43 PM): I'm offended!
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:48 PM): Le angry!!!!!
AmandaCaldwell86 (1:03:53 PM): ahhahahaha
RageAndLove51 (1:04:11 PM): LOL!!!! not that fooooooo. you like history, so i was all like........whoa shes totally going to be there!!!

Can't Speak French

**Edited for Content*** So it'd make sense and whatnot.
RageAndLove51 (12:45:41 PM): hows le infant?
AmandaCaldwell86 (12:45:52 PM): Tres bon
RageAndLove51 (12:46:00 PM): bien. bien.
RageAndLove51 (12:46:11 PM): or whateveer.
RageAndLove51 (12:46:15 PM): i meant to say good.
AmandaCaldwell86 (12:46:16 PM): Le upset
RageAndLove51 (12:46:27 PM): LOL. whats wrong with him?
AmandaCaldwell86 (12:46:36 PM): needed to mange
RageAndLove51 (12:46:42 PM): ROFLLLLL
AmandaCaldwell86 (12:47:06 PM): His mum can't remember la francais
AmandaCaldwell86 (12:47:21 PM): tres sad
RageAndLove51 (12:47:31 PM): neither can her amie.


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